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ZF4B-126 Gas Insulated Switchgear

The ZF4B-126 gas insulated switchgear is a new generation compact GIS designed and produced by integrating the past more than twenty years' experience in design, production and operation of GIS in China. High safety and reliability are guaranteed by the advanced technology and strict quality control process, making ZF4B-126 a leading product in domestic market.

1. Compact and Lightweight

With a simple and compact structure, this gas insulated switchgear is small in size and light in weight. The main busbar is front-placed. The circuit breaker and the grounding switches on its both sides form a whole part. Each component is optimally designed by the power plant and ensures high reliability of the line. The width of a bay is 800 mm and the weight is 3 to 7 tons. The whole equipment adopts an aluminum alloy shell and the installation size is 5000 (L)×1000 (W)×3200 (H).

2. High Reliability, Long Service Life
Adopting self-energy type arc-extinguishing technology and equipped with highly reliable spring operating mechanism, the circuit breaker has a mechanical life of 10,000 times and electric life of 20 times. Most of the primary and secondary components are imported from aboard or from joint venture enterprises, thus ensuring high quality of the high voltage switchgear.

3. Reliable Insulation
This gas insulated switchgear has an outstanding insulation performance. All the insulating devices are optimally designed. The three electrodes are arranged in a triangular style.

Insulation of our 126kV switchgear is designed according to the 145KV voltage class with a relatively large design margin. The power frequency voltage is 320KV and the lightning impulse voltage is 750KV. When the gauge pressure of SF6 gas is zero, the power frequency withstand voltage is 170KV. The relatively large safety margin guarantees reliable insulation.

4. High Breaking Capacity, Large Breaking Margin
All type tests, including out-phase grounding, are successfully completed and these tests are carried out according to the voltage level of 145KV. Adopting self-energy arc-extinguishing principle, the arc chute has excellent fault current breaking capacity and small current switching performance. We have successfully realized full-capacity breaking at 50KA for the first time in China, indicating that our gas insulated switchgear has large breaking margin.

5. High Performance Spring Operating Mechanism
The operating mechanism of our circuit breaker is the improved spring mechanism which is specially produced and is thus reliable. Through more than ten years of practice use, the spring operating mechanism is proved to have outstanding performance. Its mechanical life is 10,000 times. As the compressed air supply system is removed, there is no need of hydraulic oil, truly realizing no gas and no oil, ensuring safer and more reliable running.

6. Good Sealing Performance
The new type optimized overall layout greatly reduces the sealing links. The SF6 system adopts a distributed control system and its pipeline system is abolished. The new-style self-sealing joints and SF6 density monitor are adopted, thus eliminating the external leaking links and giving the GIS a lower gas leakage rate which is less than 0.5% in a year.

7. Flexible Structure, High Degree of Standardization
The gas insulated switchgear is flexibly structured, which facilitates on-site tests. It adopts standard four-way components and modules while meeting the requirements for busbar, insulation and grounding. The equipped insulated grounding makes experiment and detection easy.

Application Conditions of Gas Insulated Switchgear
Item Unit Data
Service Site Indoor or Outdoor
Altitude m ≤4000
Environmental Temperature -45 ~ + 40
Relative Humidity % Daily average≤95%, monthly average≤90%;
Solar Radiation W/cm2 0.1
Wind Speed m/s ≤ 35
Earthquake Intensity Degree Horizontal: 0.4G; Vertical: 0.2G
Structure Style Three phases in one shell
Width of Bay m 1
Weight of Bay t 3~7
Crane for Maintenance Hoisting Weight t 2~3
Hoisting Height m >6
Requirement for Entry Height m >4
Width m >3
Technical Parameters of Gas Insulated Switchgear
Item Unit Data
Rated Voltage KV 126 145
Rated Current A 1250/1600/2000/2500/3150
Rated Frequency Hz 50
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current KA 50 40 40
Rated Short Circuit Withstand Time s 3 4 4
Rated Peak Withstand Current KA 125 100 100
Rated Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (1 min) KV 230 275
Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (Peak) KV 550 650
SF6 Zero Pressure Power Frequency Withstand Voltage KV 95 109
Rated SF6 Gas Pressure (20 ℃ ) MPa Circuit Breaker: 0.6
Three Phase VT: 0.5
Other: 0.4
SF6 Annual Gas Leakage Ratio % ≤0.5
Moisture Content of SF6 Gas PPM (V/V) Circuit Breaker: ≤150
Other: ≤250

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