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High Voltage Vacuum Contactor

The JCZ9-7.2(12)/400-4 high voltage vacuum contactor is used in three-phase power systems with the rated voltage of 7.2 or 12 kV and the rated frequency of 50Hz. This load breaking device is used to control the loop of motors, transformers, capacitors or other loads in power plants as well as industrial and mining enterprises. It is particularly suitable for occasions requiring frequent operations.

Use Environment
1. Altitude: <1,000m
2. Ambient Temperature: -25℃~+40℃
3. Relative Humidity: Daily average≤95%, monthly average≤90%
4. Our high voltage vacuum contactor can resist earthquake with intensity of 8 degree.
5. This three-phase contactor can endure the environment with air contamination of Class II.
6. The vacuum contactor should be used in places without recurrent severe shaking.
7. Our AC contactor is suitable to be used in humid tropical environment.

Technical Parameters
Item Value
Rated Voltage kV 7.2 12
Rated Current A 400 400
Rated Breaking Current A 3200 3200
Rated Closing Current kA 5 5
Ultimate Breaking Current kA 5 5
Rated Short-time Withstand Current and Duration kA; s 4; 4 4; 4
Dynamic Stable Current and Through-flow Time kA; s 10; 0.3 10; 0.3
1min Power Frequency Withstand Voltage kV 32 42
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (Peak Value) kV 60 75
Half-wave Permissible Current (Peak Value) kA 50 50
Closing Time ms ≤ 150 ≤ 150
Opening Time ms ≤ 60 ≤ 80
Quantity of Auxiliary contacts (pairs) 5 open; 5 closed 5 open; 5 closed
Holding Way Mechanical locking No locking Mechanical locking No locking
Mechanical Life (times) 300,000 1,000,000 300,000 1,000,000
Operating Voltage (V) -220 Closing current: 4.5A;
Opening current: 1.7A
-220 Closing current: 4.5A;
Opening current: 1.7A
-110 Closing current: 8.9A;
Opening current: 2.5A
-110 Closing current: 8.9A;
Opening current: 2.5A
-220 Closing current: 3.96A;
Opening current: 1.6A
-220 Closing current: 3.96A;
Opening current: 1.6A

We are a specialized high voltage vacuum contactor manufacturer and supplier in China. We also offer indoor vacuum circuit breaker for generator, high voltage circuit breaker, gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear, and gas insulated switchgear (GIS), among others.

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