1. ZW18-40.5/T1250-2500/25-31.5 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker The energy storage as well as opening and closing operations can be completed manually or electrically (AC or DC). The vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber imported from America's Westinghouse Company has extremely high breaking capacity.
    1. ZW32-12/630-20 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit BreakerMainly used to break and close the load current, overload current, and short-circuit current in power systems, this outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for control and protection in power distribution systems of substations as well as industrial and mining enterprises.
    1. ZW2-2x27.5 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit BreakerThe ZW2-2×27.5 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is single-phase, bipolar (mono-polar), high-voltage switchgear. It is equipped with vacuum interrupter and uses vacuum silicone grease as external insulator.

Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The outdoor vacuum circuit breaker produced by our company is suitable for cold and high-altitude places or occasions requiring frequent operations. The high voltage products we provide are all developed by adopting technologies from Japan's Meidensha.

As a China-based outdoor vacuum circuit breaker manufacturer and supplier, our company provides a wide range of products, including high voltage vacuum contactor, gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear, high voltage circuit breaker and more.