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ZN65A-12/T4000-63 Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The ZN65A-12/T4000-63 indoor vacuum circuit breaker is characterized by large rated current (4,000A) and high breaking capacity (63kA). It is a large capacity vacuum circuit breaker that is developed by our company on the basis of the 3AF technology imported from Siemens.

With an advanced and reasonable design, this indoor vacuum circuit breaker has complete operating functions, no explosion hazard, and long mechanical life. It is suitable to work as the control or protection switch for power plants, large-scale substations, as well as industrial and mining enterprises consuming a lot of electric power.

1. This vacuum circuit breaker is a three-phase AC 50Hz indoor high-voltage switching device whose rated voltage is 12kV. Its technical performance is in the leading domestic level and reaches the international advanced level.

2. Our three phase circuit breaker can be equipped with the arc-extinguishing chamber from German Siemens or state-run 777 Factory.

3. The spring energy storage type operating mechanism designed integrally with the switch body can be operated manually or electrically (AC or DC).

4. With excellent insulation performance, this indoor vacuum circuit breaker completely meets the application requirements in indoor areas with the filthy condition of Grade II.

5. It passed the appraisal of former national Ministry of Machinery and Ministry of Electric Power in August 1998.

6. Our indoor vacuum circuit breaker complies with the GB1984 AC High Voltage Circuit Breaker standard.

Environmental Conditions
1. Altitude: < 2,000m
2. Ambient Temperature: -15℃~+40℃ (-40℃)
3. Relative Humidity: Daily average ≤ 95%, monthly average ≤ 90%
4. Earthquake Intensity: < 8degree
5. The product should be used in places without fire or explosion hazard, corrosive gas, or severe shaking.

Note: If customers want to use the indoor vacuum circuit breaker under -40℃, they should mention this when ordering.

Technical Parameters
Item Unit Value
Rated Voltage kV 12
Rated Current A 4000
Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current kA 50 63
Rated Peak Withstand Current kA 125 160
Rated Short-time Withstand Current kA 50 63
Rated Short-circuit Closing Current (Peak Value) kA 125 160
Rated Short-circuit Duration s 3
Rated Breaking Times of Short-circuit Current times 8, 20
Rated Operation Sequence
Open-180s-close open- 180s -close open
Rated Frequency Hz 50
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (Peak value) Phase to phase, phase to earth kV 75
Vacuum break kV 85
1min Power Frequency Withstand Voltage Phase to phase, phase to earth kV 42
Vacuum break kV 48
Closing Time ms 45-75
Opening Time ms 30-60
Breaking Time ms 50-80
Mechanical Life times 10000
Rated Power of Energy-storage Motor W 275
Rated Voltage of Energy-storage Motor V ~110 220 AC DC
Energy Storage Time s ≤ 15
Rated Voltage of Opening and Closing Magnet V DC 110, 220
Rated Current of Opening and Closing Magnet A 1.91 0.89
Rated Voltage of No-voltage Release V ~110 220 AC DC
Rated Current of Over-current Release A 5
Rated Current of Auxiliary Switch A AC10 DC5

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