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ZN65A-EP Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The ZN65A-EP indoor vacuum circuit breaker has its vacuum tube, primary conductive loop, and insulating support encapsulated by epoxy resin. The partition plates are also removed, which further improves the device's resistance to dirt and mechanical collision.

This vacuum circuit breaker adopts an integrated spring energy storage type operating mechanism which can be operated electrically by AC or DC or manually. It features simple structure, easy operation, long life, and no or little maintenance.

Our indoor vacuum circuit breaker is suitable to be used as the control and protection switch for indoor three-phase power systems with the rated voltage of 12KV and the rated frequency of 50Hz in substations, power plants, or industrial and mining enterprises.

Conditions of Use Environment
1. Altitude: ≤ 2,000m
2. Ambient Temperature: -25℃~+40℃
3. Relative Humidity: Daily average ≤ 95%, monthly average ≤ 90%
4. The place of use has no fire or explosion hazard, corrosive gas, or severe shaking.

Technical Parameters of Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
No. Item Unit Value
1 Rated Voltage KV 12
2 Rated Frequency Hz 50
3 Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (Peak) KV 75 (85 for the 40KA break)
4 1min Power Frequency Withstand Voltage KV 42 (48 for the 40KA break)
5 Rated Current A 630 1250 1250 1600 2000 2500 3150
6 Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current KA 31.5 40
7 Rated Short-circuit Closing Current KA 80 100
8 Rated Peak Withstand Current KA 80 100
9 Rated Short-time Withstand Current KA 31.5 40
10 Rated Short Circuit Duration s 4
11 Rated Operating Sequence
Open -0.3s- close open -180s- close open
12 Rated Short-circuit Current Breaking Times times 50
13 Rated Voltage of the Closing and Opening Electromagnet V DC 110, 220
14 Coil Current of the Closing and Opening Electromagnet A 1.9, 1.1
15 Rated Voltage of the Energy Storage Motor V AC/DC 110/220
16 Rated Power of the Energy Storage Motor W 200
17 Energy Storage Time s ≤ 15
18 Overcurrent Release A 5
19 Mechanical Life times 30000(20,000 for 40KA)
20 Rated Breaking Current of the Capacitor Bank A 630
21 Rated Cable Charging Breaking Current A 25

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