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ZN12-24 Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Produced based on the technology from German Siemens, the ZN12-24 indoor vacuum circuit breaker is a high voltage switching device with the rated voltage of 24kV and the rated frequency of 50Hz.

1. This indoor vacuum circuit breaker is equipped with a spring energy storage type operating mechanism which can be operated by AC, DC or hand.

2. Our three-phase circuit breaker with reinforced insulation fully meets the using requirements in areas with the filthy condition reaching Grade II.

3. With characteristics of simple structure, long service life, high breaking capacity, complete operating functions, convenient maintenance, and no explosion hazard, this product is suitable to be used as the control or protection switch for power transmission and distribution systems. It is particularly suitable for breaking important loads or for occasions requiring frequent operations.

4. Our indoor vacuum circuit breaker complies with the GB1984 AC High Voltage Circuit Breaker standard.

Environmental Conditions
1. Altitude: ≤ 1,000m
2. Ambient air temperature: -25℃~+40℃
3. Relative Humidity: Daily average≤95%, monthly average≤90%
4. Earthquake intensity: ≤ class VIII
5. The indoor vacuum circuit breaker should be used in places without fire or explosion hazard, corrosive gas, or severe shaking.

Technical parameters
No. Item Unit Value
1 Rated Voltage KV 24
2 Rated Current A 1250 1600 2000
3 Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current KA 31.5
4 Dynamic Stable Current (peak value) KA 80
5 4s Thermal Stable Current KA 31.5
6 Rated Short-current Closing Current (peak value) KA 80
7 Rated Short-circuit Current Breaking Times times 20
8 Rated Operation Order
Open- 0.3s-close open- 180s- close open
9 Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (Full Wave) KV 125
10 Rated Short-time Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (1min) KV 65
11 Closing Time s ≤0.09
12 Opening Time s ≤0.055
13 Mechanical Life s ≤0.09
14 Rated Current Breaking Times times 10000
15 Power of the Energy Storage Motor W 275
16 Rated Voltage of the Energy Storage Motor V 110 220
17 Energy Storage Time s ≤15
18 Rated Voltage of the Closing Electromagnet V 110 220
19 Rated Voltage of the Opening Electromagnet V 110 220
20 Rated Voltage of the Energy Storage Shunt Release V 110 220 AC DC
21 Rated Voltage of No-voltage Release V 110 220 AC DC
22 Rated Current of Over-current Release A 5
23 Rated Current of Auxiliary Switch A AC 10 DC 5

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