1. GGD Low Voltage Distribution SwitchgearThe low voltage distribution switchgear can be used to transform, distribute and control electric power for power, lighting and distribution equipment in power plants, substations, as well as industrial and mining enterprises.
    1. MBS Withdrawable Low Voltage SwitchgearThe MBS withdrawable low voltage switchgear is used to control the equipment for electric power generation, transmission, distribution, conversion, and consumption.
    1. GCS Withdrawable Low Voltage SwitchgearThe adopted steel has large cross section, sufficient rigidity, and good stability. It is easy to assemble. There are mounting holes with the modulus of 20mm on the main frame.
    1. GCK Withdrawable Low Voltage SwitchgearIdentical functional units can be interchanged. Once failure arises, the functional unit can be pulled out and a new unit can be inserted. This reduces failure duration and improves equipment reliability.
    1. PZ30 Low Voltage Distribution BoardThis low voltage distribution board complies with the GB7251-9 and BS5486-13 standards. The built-in electrical components meet the requirements of their respective standards.
    1. XL21 Distribution BoardThe XL21 distribution board is applicable to lighting distribution, energy metering, and power distribution for various civil and industrial buildings. The cabinet body is assembled with the KB profiles, which has a novel structure. The protection class is IP40 to IP54.
    1. GCK Low Voltage Withdrawable SwitchgearThe GCK series low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is suitable for distribution transformers with features of AC 50~60HZ, rated working voltage of 380V, rated insulation voltage of 660V and current of at most 1600KVA.
    1. PZ Lighting Distribution BoardThis product can also realize the function of power conversion, distribution, control, measurement as well as the overload, short-circuit and leakage protection.
    1. PL Power Distribution Board This product can realize power conversion, distribution, control, measurement, as well as the overload, short circuit and leakage protection.

Low Voltage Switchgear

BBE is an experienced low voltage switchgear manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a variety of products, including gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear, withdrawable switchgear, generator circuit breaker, and more.

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