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PZ Lighting Distribution Board

Both the PZ lighting distribution board and PL power distribution board are divided into indoor use and outdoor use. Typical applications are found in mobile electrical equipment, electrical energy measurement, plus the lighting distribution of various residential buildings, high-rise buildings, enterprises, stores and schools, etc. This product can also realize the function of power conversion, distribution, control, measurement as well as the overload, short-circuit and leakage protection.

Features of the PZ lighting distribution board
1. Sophisticated technology and simple principle. Mainly consists of switch, housing, transparent door, upper cover, protective earth bar and insulated conductor, etc.
2. The indoor enclosed power distribution cabinet features a modular structure. Its housing is made of 1.2mm thick cold-rolled steel plate which features light weight and high strength.
3. The plastic door is manufactured from fireproof resin to offer a highly effective flame retardant solution.
4. The electrical device is 18mm wide and can be mounted on a standard guide rail. It is assembled upon request and very easy to disassemble.
5. Numerous protective devices are available for leakage, electric shock, short circuit and overload protection.
6. The top, bottom, left, right and back of the cabinet can be punched with holes for ease of wiring.
7. The multi-strand soft branded line is connected with built-in PE point. Continuous circuit protection is provided.
8. The cabinet adopts electrostatic powder coating that ensures a nice exterior and strong corrosion resistance. Its interior structure is galvanized for corrosion and rust protection.

Main Parameter of the PZ lighting distribution board
Item Unit Parameter
Rated working voltage V AC380/220V
Rated insulation voltage V AC500V
Rated impulse withstand voltage V /
Rated short-circuit withstand strength and rated current of main busbar A 250A/4.5KA
Main switch breaking capacity KA 4.5KA
Main switch's rated current, ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity and operational short-circuit breaking capacity A 250A Icu=35KA Ics=18KA
Class of over-voltage
Class of material Ⅲa
Class of pollution grade Grade 2
Electrical clearance mm ≥5.5mm
Creepage distance mm ≥8mm
Number of outgoing circuit pcs 9 (or customized upon request)
Rated dispersion coefficient K=0.8
Level of protection for housing IP30, operation panel IP20C
Electrical shock protection Class Ⅰ
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