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GZQ DC Low Voltage Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

GZQ-1500/750 Series Direct-Current Switchgear  

GZQ series DC low voltage metal-enclosed switchgear is ideal for use in traction power supply systems for urban rail transportation. Typical applications are found in control and protection of feeder line and the distribution of DC electric power. Its power supply mode can be DC1500/750V.

1. The switchgear is equipped with electrical safety device or mechanical interlock device to ensure a high level of safety.
2. The withdrawable handcart has the same function and possesses good university.
3. The low-voltage control room comes with an independent small door. It is IP4X rated.
4. The switchgear is used and maintained without the need for opening its back side panel, which results in greatly reduced space.
5. Integrated control and protection system allows for remote control and remote measurement from the control center.
6. The cabinet is installed with ground insulation. The shunt inside a negative cabinet can undertake ground fault detection.
7. The cabinet is separated from transparent insulation board for ease of observation.

Successful Case Studies
DC traction power supply equipment for Beijing Subway’s Airport Express Line, Olympic Extension, Yizhuang Line, Line 9, Line 7 and Yanfang Line, Power distribution equipment for Phase II of the Beijing Subway Line 8 Project

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