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GCS Withdrawable Low Voltage Switchgear

The GCS series product is a kind of low-voltage switchgear. It is mainly used for power construction by industrial and mining enterprises. This product can work normally in very extreme environments. It varies in current from 630A to 4000A, which results in no arcing phenomenon. The product can be designed with three or four poles. It is well adaptable to both marine and land 3-phase 5-wire systems. The switchgear maintains a great loading capacity when being assembled. It gives strong resistance to humidity, heat, mold, salt mist and vibration. It can be also inclined at an angle of up to 22.5°.

The main frame of the GCS withdrawable low voltage switchgear is assembled with 8MF section steel and special connectors. The adopted steel has large cross section, sufficient rigidity, and good stability. It is easy to assemble. There are mounting holes with the modulus of 20mm on the main frame.

Technical Parameters of GCS Withdrawable Low Voltage Switchgear
Manufacturing Standard GB7251, 1-2005
Main Circuit Connector 3 pins or 4 pins
Short-time Withstand Current of the Busbar (KA) 30, 50
Rated Peak Withstand Current of the Busbar (KA) 63, 105
Rated Current of the Horizontal Busbar (A) 3200
Rated Current of the Vertical Busbar (A) 1000
Rated Current of the Drawer Unit's Primary Connector (A) 630
Rated Current of the Drawer Unit's Secondary Connector (A) 16

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