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MBS Withdrawable Low Voltage Switchgear

The MBS withdrawable low voltage switchgear is used to control the equipment for electric power generation, transmission, distribution, conversion, and consumption. It is suitable for power systems with the rated frequency of 50 to 60Hz and the rated working voltage below 660V.

Produced on the basis of advanced imported technologies, this withdrawable low voltage switchgear complies with the IEC439, Part 5 of VDE0660, GB7251-91, and ZBK36001-89. It also passes the 3C certification.

Technical Parameters
Frequency Hz 50~60
Rated Working Voltage (V) 380, 660
Rated Insulation Voltage (V) 660
Rated Working Current (A) Horizontal Bus 630~5000
Vertical Bus 800~2000
Rated Short-time Withstand Current (A) Horizontal Bus 50~100/105~250
Valid Value (1s)/Peak (KA) Vertical Bus 60/130~150
Protection Class of the Shell IP40, IP54
Dimensions H×W×D 2200×400/600/800/1000×600/1000/800

1. With a compact design, this withdrawable switchgear accommodates a number of functional units in a small space.

2. Our low voltage power distribution cabinet has strong universality and is flexible to assemble. The C-type profile with the modulus of 25mm can meet the requirements of various structure types and use environment. Protection, operation, conversion, control, regulation, determination, instruction and other standard units can be formed. Different cabinet frames and drawer units can be formed by using the more than 200 kinds of parts. Customers can choose and assemble according to their needs.

3. A large amount of high-strength flame retardant engineering plastic components are used, which effectively improve the safety performance.

4. Main parameters of this withdrawable low voltage switchgear reach the international level.

Environmental Conditions
1. The ambient air temperature should be within the range from -5℃ to +40℃ and the daily average temperature should not be greater than +35℃.
2. The air is clean. The relative humidity should not exceed 50% when the temperature is +40℃. At lower temperatures, a higher relative humidity is allowed. For example, the relative humidity can be 90% at +20℃. Note that the temperature change may occasionally cause moderate condensation.
3. The altitude should not be higher than 2,000 meters.
4. This withdrawable low voltage switchgear can be transported and stored within the range of -25℃ to +55℃. Within a short period of time (not exceeding 24 hours), the temperature is allowed to reach +70℃. At these extreme temperatures, the low voltage switching device should not be subjected to any irreversible damage and it should be able to work properly in normal conditions.

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