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GGD Low Voltage Distribution Switchgear

The GGD low voltage distribution switchgear is characterized by strong breaking capacity, good dynamic stability, flexible electric scheme, convenient combination, strong systematicness and practicability, novel structure, as well as high degree of protection class. It can be used as the replacement for low voltage switchgear.

The cabinet body of the AC low voltage distribution cabinet adopts the common shape. The cabinet frame is made by welding 8MF cold-formed steels, so the rigidity and load bearing capacity meet the installation requirements of the electrical components.

This low voltage distribution switchgear was designed and developed by the low-voltage switchgear joint design and development group of the Department of Energy, and it passed the ministry-level appraisal chaired by the Department of Energy in Oct. 1992. It has now been widely used all over China.

The low voltage distribution switchgear can be used to transform, distribute and control electric power for power, lighting and distribution equipment in power plants, substations, as well as industrial and mining enterprises. The rated voltage and frequency of the power distribution system are 380V and 50Hz respectively, and the rated current is up to 3,200A.

Service Conditions
1. The ambient air temperature should not be higher than +40℃ and lower than -5℃. The average temperature within 24 hours should not exceed +35℃.
2. The relative humidity of the ambient air should not exceed 50% at +40℃. A relatively large relative humidity is allowed at a lower temperature. For example, when the temperature is +20℃, the relative humidity can be 90%. Condensation may occasionally appear when the temperature changes.
3. This low voltage distribution switchgear is used indoors and the altitude of the use place should not be greater than 2,000m.
4. This product should be installed in places without severe vibration or shock or chemical corrosion.
5. When installing this power distribution equipment, the inclination to the vertical plane should not exceed 5 degrees.

Note: If customers have special requirements, they can consult with us.

Standard and Technical Specification Comply with the IEC439 Low-voltage Switchgear and Control Gear
Normal Conditions of Use According to the 6.1 of GB7251,1-1997
Main Circuit Scheme
GGD1 Type 49 schemes, 123 specifications
GGD2 Type 53 schemes, 107 specifications
GGD3 Type 27 scheme, 68 specifications
Altitude ≤2,000m
Rated Working Frequency 50Hz
Protection Class IP30
Component DW18, etc.

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