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KYN26-7.2(J.R) Withdrawable Switchgear

The KYN28A-12(J.R) withdrawable switchgear is a type of metal enclosed switchgear composed of high-voltage current-limiting fuse, vacuum contactor, primary isolating contact, current transformer, earthing switch, lightning arrester, as well as protection and display devices. Its main part is the combination unit of a ZFCC5 vacuum contactor and a high-voltage current-limiting fuse.

Technical Parameters
No. Item Unit Value
1 Rated Voltage KV 3.6, 7.2
2 Rated Current Branch Bus A 315
Main Bus 1250~3150
3 Expected Short-Circuit Breaking Current KA 31.5, 40
4 Expected Short-Circuit Closing Current KA 80, 100
5 Short-time Withstand Current of the Main Bus (4S) KA 31.5, 40
6 Peak Withstand Voltage of the Main Bus KA 80 , 100
7 1min Power Frequency Withstand Voltage/Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage KV 32/60
8 Protection Class of the Shell/Compartment
9 Dimensions (Width×Height×Depth) mm 650×2300×1500
10 Weight kg About 800
11 J.R Loop 4s Short-time Withstand Current KA 4
12 Peak Withstand Current KA 10

In the contactor-fuse loop (J-R loop), all control and partial protection functions are assumed by the contactor. This fully utilizes the contactor's advantage of long service life. Short-circuit protection is undertaken by the high-voltage current-limiting fuse. The fuse limits the amplitude and duration of short-circuit current, so small-section cables can be used, which helps to reduce the project cost. Hence, the withdrawable switchgear with J-R loop is especially suitable for power systems with large capacity and many small-capacity loads, such as the power systems of the power plant, petrochemical enterprises, and others.

Our withdrawable switchgear can be used to control motor, protect transformer, as well as open and close capacitor. It is suitable for use in power systems with the rated voltage from 3.6 to 7.2 KV. With convenient control, reasonable protection features, remarkable economic benefits and other advantages, this medium voltage switchgear is generally used in the control circuit of motor with the rated power below 1,200 kW and transformer with the capacity smaller than 1,600 kVA.

This product is used indoors and it should not be installed against a wall. It can be used in conjunction with the KYN28A-12 switch cabinet from our company. With no need of transitional cabinet, they can be arranged in a mixed manner.

Service Environment
1. This withdrawable switchgear should be used in places without fire or explosion hazard, serious filth, chemical corrosion, polluted water vapor, or recurrent severe vibration.
2. The ambient temperature should be within the range of -10℃ to +40℃.
3. The altitude should not exceed 1,000m.
4. The daily average relative humidity should not exceed 95% and the monthly average value should not be larger than 90%.
5. Earthquake intensity should not be greater than 8 degree.
Note: For withdrawable switchgear used in special environments, customers should consult with our company.

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