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KYN18A-12 Withdrawable Switchgear

For receiving and distributing electric power, the KYN18A-12 withdrawable switchgear can be used in the AC three-phase single-busbar power system with the rated voltage of 3 to 12 KV and the rated frequency of 50Hz. Used indoors, this electric power system component should not be installed against a wall.

Rated Voltage kV (6);12
Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current kA 20 25 31.5 40 50
Rated Current A 630 1250 1250;1600 2000;2500 1600;2000;3150
4s Rated Thermal Stable Current kA 20 25 31.5 40 50(3s)
Rated Dynamic Stable Current kA 50 63 80;100* 100;130* 125;140*
Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage kV (60);75
Rated 1min Power-Frequency Withstand Voltage kV (32);42
Protection Grade of Shell and Cubicle Room IP40
Remark: If a parameter marked with * is required, please specify this parameter while ordering the product.

1. This metal clad withdrawable switchgear uses air for insulation, which completely avoids the composite insulation's requirement on environment. Compared with other similar products, our product adapts better to the harsh working environment and has a larger margin of safety.

2. This air insulated switchgear is designed with a true builtin layout, which solves the traditional products' problem of poor handcart interchangeability.

3. The contact strip type primary isolation contact, which has few contact points, big pressure and stable contact performance, is adopted.

4. The active prevention style locking design reflects preventive anti-misoperation performance.

5. Our drawout switchgear is equipped with a 3AF (domestic model ZN12-12) vacuum circuit breaker from German Siemens to match the thermal power units with the power more than 300,000 KW.

6. The combined structure of centralized-stand can be provided.

7. Our withdrawable switchgear can be used in areas with the altitude of 3,000 meters.

8. The switching value required by the integrated protection device is automatically collected.

9. The complete program of 63KA, 4,000A can be realized, thus forming seriation with conventional switch cabinet.

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