1. LW36-126 SF6 Circuit BreakerWith the biggest characteristic of low gauge pressure, this SF6 circuit breaker is able to operate properly at the temperature of -40℃.
    1. LW36A-126 SF6 Circuit BreakerThis product can be used as a control and protection switch for power transmission and distribution systems of substations, power plants, and others.
    1. ZW36A-126 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

      There is no danger of explosion. The energy storage as well as opening and closing operations can be performed manually or electrically. The electrical operation can be controlled closely or remotely.

    1. ZW38-55 Vacuum Circuit BreakerWith the rated voltage and frequency are 55kV and 50Hz respectively, this single phase circuit breaker is suitable to open and close loads as well as break fault current in the AT traction power supply system for electrified railway.

High Voltage Circuit Breaker

The high voltage circuit breaker is suitable for breaking important loads. It can work as the control and protection switch of power transmission and distribution systems in the power plants and substations. It can also be used as the network interconnecting circuit breaker for the control and protection of power systems.

As an experienced high voltage circuit breaker manufacturer and supplier in China, BBE provides a wide range of products, including high voltage vacuum contactor, railway circuit breaker, gas insulated switchgear (GIS), withdrawable switchgear, and much more.

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