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ZW38-55 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The ZW38-55 vacuum circuit breaker is an outdoor single-phase bipolar high-voltage switching device that features simple structure, strong breaking capability, complete operating functions and no explosive hazard. With the rated voltage and frequency are 55kV and 50Hz respectively, this single phase circuit breaker is suitable to open and close loads as well as break fault current in the AT traction power supply system for electrified railway.

Especially applicable to occasions requiring frequent operations, this vacuum circuit breaker adopts vacuum interrupter as the arc extinguishing component. A spring-loaded cam linkage mechanism is used for operation. The energy storage as well as the opening and closing operations can be carried out manually or electrically. The electrical operation is controlled closely or remotely.

This vacuum circuit breaker has been used in Fujian, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, and Heilongjiang provinces. The market evaluation is good. Silicone grease is adopted for the external insulation of our product, so the SF6 gas does not leak and there are basically no after-sales quality problems.

Normal Conditions of Use

Item Data
Ambient Air Temperature Upper limit: +40℃
Lower limit: -30℃ for common areas, -40℃ for frigid areas
Altitude ≤1,000m
Wind Pressure ≤700Pa (equivalent to wind speed 34m/s)
Ice thickness ≤10mm
Air Contamination Degree Level IV (Ambient air should not be subjected to corrosive or flammable gases, water vapor and other obvious pollution.)
Earthquake Intensity ≤8 degree (There is no recurrent severe vibration; otherwise isolation measures should be taken.)

Note: If the use conditions of the vacuum circuit breaker do not meet the above requirements, customers should consult with us.

Technical Parameters of ZW38-55 Vacuum Circuit Breaker
No. Item Unit Value
1 Rated Voltage KV 55
2 Max. Voltage KV 63
3 Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage Peak KV 325
4 1min Power Frequency Withstand Voltage KV 140
5 Rated Frequency Hz 50
6 Rated Operating Current A 1250/1600
7 Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current KA 25/31.5
8 Rated Peak Withstand Voltage KA 63/80
9 Rated Short-circuit Closing Current KA 63/80
10 Rated Short-time Withstand Voltage KA 25(4s)/31.5(4s)
11 First-Pole-to-Clear Factor 1.5
12 Rise Rate of Recovery Voltage KV/μs 0.75
13 Rated Short-circuit Current Breaking Times Times 20
14 Rated Transient Recovery Voltage Peak KV 124
15 Closing Time ms 110±10
16 Opening Time ms 50±10
17 Closing Speed m/s 1.3±0.5
18 Opening Speed m/s 3.0±0.3
19 Energy Storage Time of Motor s <20
20 Motor Voltage V DC 110/220
21 Motor Power W 400
22 Motor Supply Current A 9/5±2
23 Voltage of Opening and Closing Coils V DC 110/220
24 Current of Opening and Closing Coils A 4/2.5
25 Rated Pressure of SF6 Gas MPa 0.1( 20 ℃ )
26 Annual Gas Leakage Rate <1%
27 Standard Operating Sequence O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
28 Resistance of Main Circuit μΩ <80
29 Total Weight kg 2100
30 Mechanical Life Times 10,000

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