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LW36-126 SF6 Circuit Breaker

The LW36A-126 SF6 circuit breaker is suitable for use in power systems with the rated voltage of AC 126kV and the rated frequency of 50Hz. It is especially fit for breaking important loads.

This product can be used as a control and protection switch for power transmission and distribution systems of substations, power plants, and others. It is also able to work as the network interconnecting circuit breaker for control and protection in power systems. The biggest feature of this SF6 circuit breaker is low gauge pressure which enables it to operate normally at -40℃.

Model LW36A-126/T3150-40
Rated Voltage (kV) 126
Rated Current (A) 3,150
Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current (kA) 40
Rated Short-circuit Closing Current (kA) 100
Mechanical Life (Times) 6,000
Equipped Mechanism Spring Operating Mechanism
Place of Use Outdoors

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