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LW36-126 SF6 Circuit Breaker

Used in the AC 126kV/50Hz power systems, the LW36-126 SF6 circuit breaker is particularly suitable for breaking important loads. It can work not only as the control and protection switch in power transmission and distribution systems but also as the network interconnecting circuit breaker for control and protection of power systems.

1. Low gauge pressure, able for normal operation under -40℃ environment.
2. The double-cylinder arc extinguishing chamber remains at the forefront of the global industry.
3. The nozzle is provided with a shield cover to ensure a uniform electric field and greatly-improved breaking performance. It is an essential part for low-voltage arc extinction.
4. With the use of Mitsubishi core technology and high-quality 60si2crvA compression spring, both the working accuracy and spring property are well guaranteed.
5. The bearings of all rotating parts are imported from foreign countries, thus ensuring our products are of superior quality.
6. The opening speed of the mechanism reaches up to 5.8m/s, which is essential for the low-voltage circuit breaker.

With the biggest characteristic of low gauge pressure, this SF6 circuit breaker is able to operate properly at the temperature of -40℃.

Environmental Conditions
Ambient Temperature 40℃~+40℃, Daily Temperature Difference ≤35℃
Altitude ≤1000m
Wind Speed ≤34m/s (Equivalent to 700Pa on Cylindrical Surface)
Sunlight Intensity ≤1000W/m2 (at Noon on Fine Day)
Monthly Average Relative Humidity ≤90%
Earthquake Acceleration Horizontal≤0.2g
Ice Thickness ≤10mm
Air Pollution Degree Not exceed the Level IV in GB/T5582
Installation Site Indoors and Outdoors
Main Technical Parameters of SF6 Circuit Breaker
S/N Item Unit Data
1 Rated Voltage kV 126
2 Rated Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (1min) Phase to Phase and Phase to Ground 230
Break to Break 230+73*
3 Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage Phase to Phase and Phase to Ground 550
Break to Break 550+103*
4 Power Frequency Withstand Voltage When the Gauge Pressure of SF6 is Zero (5min) Phase to Phase and Phase to Ground 95
Break to Break 95
5 Rated Frequency Hz 50
6 Rated Current A 3150
7 Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current kA 40
8 Rated Peak Withstand Current 100
9 Rated Short-time Withstand Current 40
10 Rated Short-circuit Closing Current 100
11 First-Pole-to-Clear Factor 1.5
12 Rated Short Circuit Duration s 4
13 Rated Out-of-Phase Breaking Current (OP2) kA 10
14 Short Line Fault Breaking Current kA 36,30
15 Rated Circuit Charging Breaking Current A 31.5
16 Rated Operating Sequence O- 0.3s- CO- 180s- CO
17 Rated Pressure of SF6 Gas (Gauge Pressure at 20℃) MPa 0.4
18 Warning/Locking Pressure (Gauge Pressure at 20℃) 0.36/0.32
19 Annual Gas Leakage Rate %/Year ≤0.5
20 Moisture Content of Gas PPM (V) ≤150
21 Mechanical Service Life Times 6000
22 Radio Interference Level μV ≤500
23 Making Time ms ≤70
24 Electrical Service Life Times ≥20
25 SF6 Gas Mass Used for Each Set kg 7
26 Mass of Each Circuit Breaker 1500
27 Creepage Distance Break to Break mm 3150
Break to Ground 3150

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