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Insulation Products

As a professional electrical equipment manufacturer in China, we offer a number of premium insulation products such as the basin-type insulator, insulation rod, etc.

1. 252kV Single-Phase Basin-Type Insulator
Filled with 0.4MPa SF6 gas, the 252kV single-phase basin-type insulator is able to withstand 510kV at power frequency and the measured partial discharge is no more than 3pC under the voltage of 1.2 times the phase voltage.

Through hydraulic test, the mechanical strength of the concave surface is more than 1.83MPa and that of the convex surface exceeds 2.57MPa. The bending strength reaches more than 5600N m. While filled with 0.6MPa SF6 gas for leakage test, this insulation product enjoys a leakage rate less than 0.1Pa·cm/s.

2. 252kV Insulation Rod
When filled with 0.4MPa SF6 gas, the 252kV insulation rod offers a power frequency withstand voltage of up to 510kV. Its tensile fracture value exceeds 15kN and the bending strength is more than 1.5kN/m.
3. 252kV Insulation Cylinder
The 252kV insulating cylinder's compression failure value reaches over 100kN and flexural strength reaches over 15kN/m.
4. 126kV Earthing Terminal
Filled with 0.65MPa SF6 gas, the 126kV earthing terminal enjoys a leakage rate of less than 0.1Pa·cm/s. In hydraulic pressure test, this insulation product delivers mechanical strength over 1.04MPa.
5. 126kV Insulating Support Base
When charging 10.25MPa SF6 gas, the 126kV insulating support base offers power frequency withstand voltage of 390kV. Its tensile strength reaches over 20kN and flexural strength is more than 1.4kN/m.
6. Sealed Terminal Board
This sealed terminal board is designed for 126kV current transformers. It offers high mechanical strength. If filled with 0.6MPa SF6 gas, this insulation product performs well in leakage prevention, offering a leakage rate of less than 0.1Pa·cm/s.
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