1. DW914B Air Circuit Breaker It offers protection against AC overload, under-voltage and short circuit as well as DC under-voltage and short circuit. Also, this low voltage circuit breaker applies to the infrequent conversion of the lines under normal working conditions.
    1. DW945 Air Circuit BreakerThis air circuit breaker is mainly used to distribute power and protect lines and power supply from the damage caused by overload, short circuit, under-voltage and other faults in power distribution networks and ship power lines.
    1. BBM30 Molded Case Circuit BreakerWith the rated insulation voltage of 800V, this molded case circuit breaker is used in power grids with the rated voltage of AC 690 V or less, the rated current of 16 A to 630 A, and the rated frequency of 50 Hz.
    1. AR Series Air Circuit BreakerThe adopted new dual breaking mechanism enables the product to break in an extremely fast speed, which can reduce the wear of the main contact to the greatest degree.
    1. H-DW14 Low Voltage Circuit Breaker for ShipThe H-DW14 low voltage circuit breaker for ship has many advantages, such as high breaking capacity, perfect protection performance, large margin of temperature rise, loading without derating, resistance to moist and heat, resistance to salt spray, mold resistance, vibration resistance, and earthquake resistance.

Low Voltage Circuit Breaker

As a professional low voltage circuit breaker manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide gas insulated switchgear (GIS), indoor vacuum circuit breaker for generator, withdrawable switchgear, high voltage vacuum contactor, and much more.

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