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AR Series Air Circuit Breaker

The AR series air circuit breaker is a newly developed product of Japan Terasaki Electric Co., Ltd. The adopted new dual breaking mechanism enables the product to break in an extremely fast speed, which can reduce the wear of the main contact to the greatest degree.

The protection property of this high speed circuit breaker can meet various requirements of users, including communication function. The rated short-circuit breaking current equals the rated short-time withstand current, making selective protection easy to realize.

This air circuit breaker is suitable to be used in the ship or land power distribution systems for the protection against AC overload, under-voltage, short circuit, single-phase ground and other faults, or for DC short circuit protection. It can also be used for the infrequent conversion of lines under normal working conditions.

Model AR
Rated Voltage ≤690V AC, ≤600V DC
Rated Current 800A~4000A
Rated Short-circuit Breaking Capacity (Icu=Ics) 65~100kA
Rated Short-time Withstand Current (Icw) 65~100kA (1s)
Mechanical Life (times) 15000 (4000A) ~ 30000 (800A)
Remark Our company sells this AR series air circuit breaker as an agent. We have not introduced this product.

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