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DW945 Air Circuit Breaker

The DW945 air circuit breaker is developed base on DW45, a circuit breaker uniformly designed nationwide. Containing all properties of DW45, DW945 has an additional feature of vibration resistance, so it can be used for marine. With an intelligent release, this switching device can realize various kinds of protection required by customers.

This air circuit breaker is mainly used to distribute power and protect lines and power supply from the damage caused by overload, short circuit, under-voltage and other faults in power distribution networks and ship power lines. It can also be used for the infrequent conversion of the lines under normal working conditions. Its rated current is 630 to 2,000 A. The rated voltage is 380 or 660 volts and the rated frequency is 50 Hz.

Our shockproof circuit breaker has intelligent protection function with precise selective protection, which can improve the reliability of power supply and avoid unnecessary power outages. It complies with the IEC947-2 and GB3783 standards. It has also passed the ship inspection certification.

1. This air circuit breaker has a high breaking capacity.
2. The design of the arc-extinguishing chamber is advanced, which can realize zero flying arc.
3. Closing by the stored energy is safe and reliable.
4. This circuit protection device has outstanding sealing performance, which can effectively ensure the safety of users.
5. It has a simple structure, so the maintenance workload is small.
6. The air circuit breaker is small in size and light in weight. Products with the rated current less than 2,000A use the frame of the same size.
7. With the resistance to moisture, mold, and salt spray, our product is applicable to various kinds of use environments.
8. There are two installation ways, fixed type or drawer type, for customers to choose from. All accessories can be installed on site.

Technical Parameters
Model DW945-630 DW945-1600 DW945-2000
Rated Current (A) 630 1600 2000
Number of Poles 3 3 3
Overcurrent Release For Power Distribution 400,630 800.1000.1250.1600 2000
Rated Current (A) For Generator Protection 400,630 800.1000.1250.1600 2000
Rated Insulation Voltage (V) 660 660 660
Rated Breaking Capacity (KA) Rated Ultimate Short-circuit
Breaking Capacity (lcu)
80 80 80
Rated Short-circuit Breaking
Capacity (lcs)
50 50 50
Rated Short-time Withstand
Current (lcw) 1s
50 50 50
Mechanical Life (times) 10,000 10,000 10,000
Ambient Temperature (ºC) Ordinary Type -5~+40 -5 ~+40 -5~+40
Heat - resistant type -5~+45 -5~+45 -5~+45
Cold resistant type -25~+40 -25~+40 -25~+40
Environmental Conditions Moistureproof, Anti-salt
spray, Anti-mold
Yes Yes Yes
Inclination 22.5ºC 22.5ºC 22.5ºC
Vibration-resistant Yes Yes Yes
Height of Sea Wave (m) ≤ 2000 ≤ 2000 ≤ 2000

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