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XGN-40.5 Cubicle type Gas Insulated Switchgear (C-GIS)

Main Features
1. Modular housing design, modular assembly, used the cast aluminum alloy material, to avoid the housing deformation, leakage, etc.
2. It used connect and through gas room program between switchgear, more easy installation on site, running reliable in long time, to avoid discharge hidden danger by cabinets connect sensitive which bus connector (namely solid insulation bus), and long time running silicone rubber insulation medium aging
3. The lowest gas pressure was only 0.04 MPa (table pressure), more environmental protection, less hidden trouble
4. High insulation withstand voltage level, this product's 1 min
5. Power frequency withstand voltage 103kV, lightning impulse voltage 199kV at SF6 gas zero table press; (international require, 1 min power frequency withstand voltage 95kV, lightning impulse withstand voltage 185kV)
6. Perfect mechanical locking, if a mechanical drive sensitive part adopts magneto fluid seal technology, provide more reliable seal guarantee;
7. It is suited for 3000 meters high altitude area, the high impurity, high humidity and so on.

XGN-40.5 Box-Type Gas Insulated Metal Closed Switchgear (C-GIS Inflatable Cabinet) is applicable to 40.5kV three-phase AC 50Hz single bus-bar system, for the power energy receiving and distributing purpose, and for control, protection, measurement, monitor, and communication under normal operation and failure conditions of electric power systems. This inflatable cabinet is an indoor device, mainly used for power reception and distribution for house power use at power plants, substations of transmission and transformation systems, and power distribution at industrial enterprises, mines, and public institutions, as well as at urban network of subways, light railways, and highland railways, etc. especially applicable to sites of relatively atrocious operating conditions, high humidity, and heavy pollution, as a maintenance-free product.

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