1. ZF19-252 Gas Insulated SwitchgearAll parts of the gas insulated switchgear are inside the metal shell, so they are free from the influence of wind, frost, rain, snow, external filth, and high altitude, enjoying strong environment resistance.
    1. ZF4B-126 Gas Insulated Switchgear

      This gas insulated switchgear has an outstanding insulation performance. All the insulating devices are optimally designed. The three electrodes are arranged in a triangular style.

    1. ZF4A-126 Gas Insulated SwitchgearFor occasions where the cable entry can not be tested, the induction type high voltage live display and locking device can be installed, so as to prevent the earthing switch mistakenly closing live lines and ensure safe running.
    1. ZF4-126 Gas Insulated SwitchgearAs a combination of circuit breakers, disconnect switches, and other electrical components, the ZF4-126 gas insulated switchgear is used to protect and control electrical equipment in the electric power system.
    1. ZFW31-126 Gas Insulated SwitchgearThe ZFW31-126 gas insulated switchgear is our in-house developed product. It is suitable for 0/60Hz, 126 and 145kV power transmission and transformation system’s gas insulated metal-enclosed switch.

Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

The gas insulated switchgear, abbreviated as GIS, is a combination of circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, grounding switch, bus, mutual inductor, lightning arrester and other components. These electrical components are housed in enclosed metal containers which are filled with SF6 gas for insulation and arc extinguishing.

Featuring small footprint, safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance, and high weatherability, this metal enclosed switchgear is the best choice for various transformer substations.

Our company started producing GIS in 1983. Up to now, we have produced more than 8,000 bays and assembled about 900 substations. Our gas insulated switchgears have been exported to many countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. By means of the rich experience in design and production, we have provided a variety of safe and reliable electric power system components to customers.

As a China-based gas insulated switchgear (GIS) manufacturer and supplier, we also offer withdrawable switchgear, low voltage switchgear, high voltage circuit breaker, high voltage vacuum contactor, and more.