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ZF4-126 Gas Insulated Switchgear

As a combination of circuit breakers, disconnect switches, and other electrical components, the ZF4-126 gas insulated switchgear is used to protect and control electrical equipment in the electric power system.

1. Two types of operating mechanism for the circuit breaker installed in our indoor switchgear are offered.
a. Hydraulic mechanism
The arc-extinguishing chamber adopts a structure with specified gap between contacts, ensuring long electrical life.

b. Spring mechanism
Due to thermal expansion, the circuit breaker with spring mechanism enjoys small operating power.

2. Our gas insulated switchgear has large breaking capacity. The breaking current of 40KA is successfully realized, which is a national initiative.

3. The insulation switch uses the latest international spherical shell structure. The internal electric field is even and the insulation distance is large, ensuring safety.

4. The insulation switch and the earthing switch can be operated electrically at normal speed or fast speed. Commissioning and maintenance are performed manually.

5. The conductor and shell of the earthing switch are insulated, facilitating testing.

6. The current transformer has high precision and small transformation ratio. The rated current of the secondary coil can be selected within 1 to 5 A by users and each current transformer can be equipped with four secondary coils.

7. The flexible and practical gas path design facilitates leak detection and maintenance. The simple and reliable gas monitoring system brings convenience to on-site operation and management.

8. Our gas insulated switchgear adopts pointer type density relay which not only eliminates the influence of temperature but also facilitates inspection and calibration. Imported density relay can also be provided.

9. The luminous stone position indicator adopted by our substation equipment completely solves the electromagnetic position indicator's chronic problem of frequent failure.

10. The specially-designed cable entry interface facilitates on-site installation and testing.

11. The induction type high-voltage live display and locking device can be installed in places where the cable entry can not be tested, so as to prevent the earthing switch mistakenly closing the live lines and thus ensure safe running. This is the national initiative.

12. The UL compliant flame - retardant shielded cable and flame - retardant terminal block are adopted. Supplementing a new type of box frame, the best fireproof effect is realized and the interference of the secondary circuit to the microcomputer protection is reduced.

13. The insulation margin is large. This gas insulated switchgear can withstand 1.5 to 1.7 times the running voltage under the zero gauge pressure for a long period of time.

14. The rated air pressure is low, so the gas insulated switchgear can run safely in the frigid region with the temperature of -43℃. It is the only switchgear in China that suitable for frigid regions.

15. Except the main busbar, other electrical devices in the main circuit have split-phase structure. The advantages of taking this structure are as follows.
a. The possibility of three-phase short circuit is eliminated.
b. As the gas chambers of the electrical devices are isolated from each other, the occurrence and expansion of failures are significantly restricted.
c. This facilitates internal inspection and maintenance. The adjacent phase will not be involved, so the repair workload is small.

16. The gas insulated switchgear has a low center of gravity and good shock resistance, which is easy to transport.

Parameters of ZF4-126 Gas Insulated Switchgear
Item Unit Data
Rated Voltage kV 126/72
Rated Current A 1250/1600/2000
Rated Frequency Hz 50
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current kA 31.5
Place of Use Indoor
Altitude m ≤2500
Environmental Temperature -25 ~ + 40
Relative Humidity % Daily average≤95%,
monthly average≤90%
Earthquake Intensity Degree ≤ 8
Annual Gas Leakage Rate % ≤ 1
Moisture Content of SF6 Gas (Volumetric ratio) PPM Circuit breaker chamber: 150
Other chambers: 250
Width of Bay m 2.2/1.7
Weight of Bay T 5~13 / 3~11
Static Load T/m2 ≤ 1.5
Crane for Maintenance Hoisting Weight t 1.5~2
Hoisting Height m ≥ 5.5
Entry Height m > 3.8
Width m > 3.5

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