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ZF19-252 Gas Insulated Switchgear

With the rated voltage of 252kV, the ZF19-252 gas insulated switchgear is characterized by high reliability, small footprint, and high weatherability. It is ideal for installation in densely populated areas or areas suffering from adverse weather conditions.

1. Safe and Reliable

All high-voltage live parts of the gas insulated switchgear are put inside the enclosed metal shell which is then filled with SF6 gas as the insulating medium and arc-extinguishing medium, thus ensuring safe operation and reducing maintenance.

2. High Insulation Reliability
The epoxy resin insulating parts, such as the post insulator, basin-type insulator, insulation tension bar, etc., of the GIS are produced after strict electric field calculation and optimal design, so as to ensure reliable insulating performance and high safety factor.

3. Self-energy Arc-Extinguishing Coupled with Light Spring Mechanism
The applying of self-energy arc-extinguishing technology greatly reduces the operating power required by the circuit breaker. Coupled with light spring mechanism or ABB hydraulic spring mechanism, this technology can eliminate slow close, oil spill, and air leakage, thus improving the reliability of the metal enclosed switchgear and extending its mechanical life to 6,000 times.

4. Excellent Shell
Seamless alloy aluminum tubes are used to make the shell and the cold flanging process is adopted, which facilitates robot welding, ensures the quality of the welded joint, improves the electric field distribution, and reduces the size of the shell.

5. Small Eddy Current Loss
Almost all of the shell components related to eddy heat are made of aluminum alloy, which have strong corrosion resistance and greatly reduce eddy current loss.

6. High Weatherability
All parts of the gas insulated switchgear are inside the metal shell, so they are free from the influence of wind, frost, rain, snow, external filth, and high altitude, enjoying strong environment resistance.

7. Easy Transportation and Installation
Installation and commissioning of the metal clad switchgear are conducted according to the main wiring interval in the factory. Each bay is a transport unit. This facilitates transportation and field installation, reducing on-site assembly and adjustment workload.

8. Reasonable Layout
The main busbar three phases share a shell and others adopt split-phase structure. The components are arranged in a building-block style, which is flexible, easy to expand and can meet the requirement of various main wiring. The bay is 1.8m and the distance between phases is 0.58m, so the whole electrical equipment is small and compact, saving floor space. In addition, all operating mechanisms of the gas insulated switchgear are well placed to facilitate observation and maintenance.

General Technical Conditions of 252kV Gas Insulated Switchgear
1. Environmental Conditions

Item Unit Data Remark
Installation Indoor or Outdoor
Environmental Temperature -45 ~ +40
Solar Radiation W/cm2 0.1 Wind speed 0.5 m/s
Humidity (Monthly Average) % ≤ 9 Temperature are 25 ℃
Altitude m ≤ 4000
Wind Speed m/s ≤ 35
Earthquake Intensity Degree 9
Creepage Distance
Ordinary Filthiness I mm/kV 17 Calculated in accordance with the rated voltage
Mild Filthiness II mm/kV 21
Filthiness III mm/kV 25
Filthiness IV mm/kV 31.5
2. Technical Parameters
Item Unit Data Remark
Rated Voltage KV 252
Rated Current A 3150/4000
Rated Short-time Withstand current KA 50
Rated Peak Withstand Current KA 125
Rated Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (Peak) KV 1050
Rated Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (RMS) KV 460 1 min
Zero Pressure Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (RMS) KV 1.1~1.3 times Rated Phase Voltage 5min
Visible Corona No visible Corona at 1.1 Times Rated Phase Voltage
Radio Interference Less than 500 μV at 1.1 Times Rated Phase Voltage
SF6 Gas Pressure (Excluding Circuit Breaker ) Rated Pressure MPa 0.6 20 ℃
Alarming Pressure MPa 0.55 20 ℃
SF6 Annual Gas Leakage Ratio % ≤ 0.5
Humidity Ratio Circuit Breaker PPM < 150 Hand-over Value
Other Components PPM < 250 Hand-over Value
Shell Type (Excluding Bus) Single Phase Current
Materials Shell Aluminum
Standard IEC517 Gas Insulated Metal Enclosed Switchgear for Rated Voltages of 72.5KV and Above
GB7674-1997 Gas Insulated Metal Enclosed Switchgear

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